Calorifiers / Plate Heat Exchangers / Fin Coil and Extended Surface

• Overhaul, cleaning, regasketing of heat exchangers including shell and tube, plate and frame, u-tube and fin tube. All returned to site with a 12 month warranty.


Maintaining your calorifiers efficiency saves money, downtime and extends its effective lifespan.

• Replacement tube bundles from drawing or pattern • Re-tubes
• Crop backs
• New shells and headers
• Complete new units
• Mechanical and chemical cleaning

Plate heat exchangers

Regular servicing and refurbishment of your heat exchanger plates will prolong its effective life span and ensure efficiency. Deposits and scale left in a heat exchanger for long periods of time damage the heat transfer plates considerably reducing performance. Regular preventative maintenance will ensure consistently high efficiency and maximum heat exchanger life.

Plate pack refurbishment process includes:

• Pre-clean and initial inspection • Chemical clean
• Dye penetrant and testing
• Regasketing
• Oven cure
• Final assembly and test
• We can service and provide parts for most manufacturers